About KFUM's Sociale Arbejde

”KFUM’s Sociale Arbejde” is a Danish diaconal and social organization. The KFUM is the Danish equivalent to the English YMCA. So if our name was to be translated into English it would be YMCA’s Social Work. Below, we give you a very brief summary of our organization.



”KFUM’s Sociale Arbejde” is a Danish diaconal and social organization. In the light of the church of Denmark our aim is to create worthy conditions for people in disadvantaged life circumstances in Denmark.

The KFUM is the Danish equivalent to the English YMCA. So if our name was to be translated into English it would be YMCA’s Social Work.

“KFUM’s Sociale Arbejde” is an NGO founded in 1918.The organization counts about 850 employees and 2,000 volunteers; the annual turnover is about 400 million Danish kroner.


In 1918 the young Danish vicar Johannes With discovered the huge social difficulties in connection with the work in the peat banks and brown coal fields during World War One. The workers had miserable conditions of life, their housing was terrible, and the work so hard that many spent their limited spare time in the local inn drinking and playing cards.

Johannes With arranged an alternative leisure center in the Evangelic wing of the parish hall where the workers could have a cup of coffee, tea, socialize, play chess, read newspapers, or write letters to their families. In the inter war period the social work continued in the major cities where unemployment and social need prevailed. The context has changed since then, but throughout the years “KFUM’s Sociale Arbejde” has helped society with support and care for people in need.


“KFUM’s Sociale Arbejde” operates on a non-profit basis. The operating and project funding of the national organization come from state funds, private funds, and private donations. The operating and project funding of the local institutions come from the municipalities, state funds, and private donations.


“KFUM’s Sociale Arbejde” has about 850 employees and 2,000 volunteers associated with our almost 90 institutions, social facilities, and second hand shops. The organization is controlled by a central board of 11 volunteers. Our activities cover seven focus areas:

  • Residential institutions for children and youth
  • Preventative measures and after-care for children and youth
  • Treatment institutions for adults
  • Supported temporary accommodation for homeless
  • Social cafés and drop-in centres for adults
  • Daycare for children
  • Second hand shops and social economy

Furthermore, “KFUM’s Sociale Arbejde” runs a number of interdisciplinary projects. Often the voluntary work finds new ways, e.g. in financial counselling where banking consultants, legal experts, and social workers provide knowledge and expert knowledge for social disadvantaged people who find themselves in extreme financial situations.


For further information, please feel free to contact us on info(at)kfumsoc.dk or +45 6440 1888.

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